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Permanent Residence Permit

Business Set up in Europe / Company Registration in Czech Republic

If you want to emigrate to Europe, getting permanent residence permit will come to your plans. Permanent residence permit gives to its holder almost same rights as citizens of the Schengen member country.

Currently, we offer consultancy services for the Permanent Residence Permit of Czech Republic. After getting permanent residence permit you will remain citizen of your country, but will get right to buy property, get job, get pension, grants  and medical insurance on the prices for citizens of Czech Republic.

The only way of obtaining permanent residence permit status is getting business visa and prolonging it for 5 years. Status of permanent residence permit holder has to be prolonged once in two years.

Registering a Czech company plays an important role in the process of emigration and serves two emigration tasks:

- A company is a basis of emigration, of legal work and life in the country. Only by registering a company you can get residence permit and permanent residence permit LEGALLY.                       

- A company provides opportunity to do business and earn money for your life abroad.

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The procedure of registering a company has been realized by specialists of QADKAM for hundreds of times and does not demand your presence in the country. Our specialists on the basis of warrants you provide will register a company for you according to emigration laws of Czech Republic.  

A foreigner - holder of residence permit can apply for getting permanent residence permit only after 5 years of living in a country.

After getting residence permit one can live in Czech, do business, buy property, cars, if needed go to other countries of European Union.You should prolong your residence permit in the office of police for foreigners once in two years. Nowadays the most trustworthy and legal way of getting residence permit lies through registering a company in Czech.

There is no need to be present in Czech for registering a company, you should only provide us a warrant and other documents we need. Usually it takes 4-8 weeks for registering a company.  On the basis of being owner or co-owner of a company registered in Czech you and members of your family can get residence permit in Czech legally. For getting residence permit you should apply to nearest Czech embassy and provide them a pack of documents QADKAM prepared for you. 

One shouldn't worry about necessity of registering a company if you do not intend to do business in Czech. In such case a company is only a basis that allows you to get residence permit in Czech and live and work in Europe legally. It is allowed by Czech law not to show any activity of the company up to 3 years (so called "sleeping" company).

Required Documents

If you want to live and work in Europe legally and want to get residence permit in Czech you should provide QADKAM the following documents:

- Copy of birth certificate

- Copy of  ID card and passport

- Marriage certificate or divorce certificate if applicable

- 4 photos (white background)  

A warrant (text of warrant will be given by QADKAM ).

These documents will allow specialists of QADKAM to register a company for you and helping you in obtaining residence permit in Czech. 

Step by Step Procedure: 

1. You collect information about emigration to Czech and take decision about emigration.

2. You sign contract with about registering a company in Czech and provide us documents we need for starting the process of emigration to Czech. Client has to provide:

-         passport copy

-         address of living written in English

-         police clearance certificate proving that a client hasn’t committed any crime in his native country

-         approximate names for future company ( its better to provide 2-3 names )

-         division of shares in case if a company has two or more share holder

-         birth certificate of future company’s president  ( if you do not have birth certificate plz write parent’s name and place of birth exactly like its written in your passport)

3. You pay 50% of the contract and lawyers of QADKAM prepares Power of Attorney and sends it to the Client for signatures. After receiving the deposit and Power of Attorney, we start the procedure of registering a company for you according to Czech  commercial laws.

4. In 2-3 weeks your Czech company will be registered and you will get proof that you are its 100% owner and president.

5. QADKAM prepares pack of documents needed for residence permit (including proof of accommodation, ownship certificate,  company’s registration certificate, translated national noncriminal record, juridical address contract, memorandum of understanding, business license, a prove of paying business license fee,  Czech police clearance certificate, decision of trade court ) 

6. Scanned copies of all certificates are sent to a client, Client pays remaining 50% of QADKAM’s fees according to contract.

7. Originals of all needed documents are sent by courier (DHL or TNT) to a client.

8. Client applies in Czech consulate for multiple residence permit with purpose of running business. Residence permit gives right to travel in all Schengen countries ( UK is not part of Schengen)


For further information about procedure and fees, kindly contact our experts.


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